Hint: The abbreviation SfB is used to refer to both Skype for Business and Lync throughout this document.


colima Remeo offers you an easy way to change the SfB presence status, personal note and call forwarding settings on behalf of another user e.g. colleague - without being an admin.

A typical case for this practice would be a case of illness of your colleague, in this case you would be able to change his SfB settings without his attendance. Furthermore, any secretary or manager etc. would be able to manage the SfB settings for his/her team without needing any support from the IT administration department.

Changing the call forwarding settings of another user

The following steps explain how to get started with Remeo and how to change the call forwarding settings for your colleague. First, make sure the Remeo and SfB Client are installed properly and you have all necessary permissions.

  1. Select the targeting SfB user you want to change in your SfB contact list.
  2. Right click on your mouse and select Change Reachability Settings in the upcoming context menu.
  3. The Remeo client will start automatically and separated from Skype for Business with the same look and feel.
  4. As you can see the forwarding settings of your colleague will be shown as well as his profile picture, SfB name, current presence status and personal note.
  5. If needed, you can change the presence status and personal note.
  6. By flipping the Call Forwarding ON/OFF switch to ON the call forwarding of your colleague will be activated or deactivated.
  7. Turning on the call forwarding gives you the ability to choose between two kinds of call forwarding:
    • Forward my calls: All calls for your colleague will be forwarded immediately to the selected secondary target and will not ring his work number.
    • Simultaneously ring: All calls will ring his work number as well as the selected secondary target.
  8. Each kind of forwarding is represented by a workflow on the right area. Within this workflow you can modify the available targets and delays as desired.
  9. In this particular case let’s choose Forward my calls because your colleague is ill and won’t accept any incoming calls.
  10. To select another forwarding target just left click onto the existing contact on the right side.
  11. The upcoming dropdown menu will provide you different forwarding targets to choose from.
    Depending on your selection a specific dialog will be shown, e.g. a number dialog, a contact search dialog or a team and delegates management dialog.
  12. Please select a number as forwarding target and enter a phone number in the upcoming dialog.
  13. As you can see the new number will be shown as a new forwarding target. So, all incoming calls of your colleague will be forwarded directly to this number.
  14. Click OK and all changes will be saved.

Changing your own call forwarding settings

The Remeo Client could also be used to change your own call forwarding settings. Therefore, you just need to click the Call Forwarding Settings option within the SfB Client Tools menu.

The Remeo client will start automatically separated from Skype for Business. Remeo will start in a compact mode without the possibility for changing your own SfB presence status and personal note, because changing these settings wouldn’t make sense if your own SfB Client is running right next to it. 

Besides, Remeo offers you the same possibilities to change your call forwarding settings as descripted in the previous chapter.